8.2 EMM Flags with Outlook 2007 | FileSite close-up

8.2 EMM Flags with Outlook 2007 | FileSite close-up

iManage FileSite 8.2 Email Management (EMM) does not coexist very well with Outlook 2007’s revised concepts for Flags and To-dos.  The way EMM 8.2 assigns flags is in direct conflict with how many people use flags in Outlook 2007.

Next, I’ll recommend how to fix this in the short and long term, provide further background on this behavior, and describe how you can experiment with this setting on a single desktop.

Longer-term fix

In the long run, the better way to address this is to upgrade to FileSite and Email Management 8.5 or newer, because that version is much better designed to work with Office 2007 and newer.

To deal with filed emails in the future

However, if this is an immediate-term problem…

  • In your Inbox view, you should use the Category column to see which emails have the label ‘Filed to WorkSite’.
  • You may want to make the category column wider, if you find that the colored category squares are obscuring your view of the ‘Filed to Worksite’ category information.  See, in the image above, how the Filed To Worksite Category is pushed to the right by the description of the Green Category?


Outlook in versions 2003 and earlier provided different color flags. In 2007 these are replaced with a color ‘category’ and a to-do flag which is synonymous with Tasks.

This creation of ‘flags’ meaning the same thing as a to-do or task is a feature change introduced by Outlook 2007 itself.  FileSite is ‘trying’ to do what it used to do with green flags, but the result is different.

If FileSite’s use of the new flags is interfering with the ways you would like to use tasks and your to-do list in Outlook 2007, the following is an alternative that any of you can try out on your own.

Optional: Removing old filing Flags that interfere with Outlook task lists.

Here is a simple way to get rid of the red flags on emails you’ve still got in your inbox :

  • sort your inbox by category
  • scroll to the ‘Filed to WorkSite’ grouping
  • select all those emails
  • right-click within the ‘Flag’ column
  • choose ‘clear flag’… to get rid of those flags.

Manually modifying the flag behavior

  1. Go into the FileSite menu within Outlook, and choose the ‘Send and File Options…’.
  2. On this dialog, set the ‘Flag color’ to be none.
  3. Click OK. FUTURE emails you receive will not have the red flag, nor will they get the green category.
Note: this manual modification is specific only to that one computer where the change is made. It will be  reversed by any future reinstalls of FileSite. If you wish to make this change large-scale at your firm, contact me, Sandy Milne. Helping people with iManage WorkSite is what I do.

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