Gartner predicts mobile paradigm’s coming & you’re not ready

Gartner predicts mobile paradigm’s coming & you’re not ready

You’re probably not ready…

Look around at the systems and applications you’re probably using right now.

From an IT perspective: If you’ve created any internally developed applications, more than likely, they aren’t web-based, or if web-based, are stand-alone apps with their own unique, browser and window-size specific display properties, and a dependency on a platform-specific technology such as ActiveX or for that matter, Internet Explorer.

From a user perspective: With a wide variety of systems in daily use, it’s likely you have multiple logins to juggle. Perhaps these systems grew up independently of each other, and the mandate was “we have to get this working now — just make it work!” End result? Credentials are stored in many different locations, with different requirements for both username formatting and password strength/standards.

From an IT Security perspective: In the recent economic downturn, Single Sign On (SSO) is a project that has never been prioritized, as it’s “merely” a productivity issue, and doesn’t have the big bang cost reduction, nor the direct revenue creation that has driven all decisions recently. Pre-econolypse, things were too good to worry about SSO, as the “inconvenience” of multiple logins wasn’t an issue in the face of (relatively) easy money.

via Mobile Content & Collaboration: Let’s Face it, You aren’t ready 

But  Gartner says it is coming at you.

  • At least 50 per cent of enterprise e-mail users will rely primarily on a browser, tablet or mobile client instead of a desktop client by 2016. As the options for e-mail clients continue to grow, the need for mobile device management platforms will soar and suppliers will be pressured to support more collaboration services, including instant messaging, Web conferencing, social networking and shared workspaces, Gartner predicts.
  • Mobile application development projects targeting smart phones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of four to one by 2015. “Smartphones and tablets represent more than 90 per cent of the new net growth in device adoption for the coming four years, and increasing application platform capability across all classes of mobile phones is spurring a new frontier of innovation, particularly where mobile capabilities can be integrated with location, presence and social information to enhance the usefulness,” Gartner says.

via Control slipping away for IT, Gartner says – Page 1 – Integrating IT.

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  • Thanks Sandy, appreciate the reference to my mobile-readiness article. Demand for mobile continues to rise, and unfortunately, non-readiness remains the status quo, although it’s slowly changing.

    • I enjoyed reading it! Hey, did you notice the recent tweet from @CIOMidMarket soliciting sources for their upcoming story “mobile devices and the new holiday influx of tablets”… you would seem to be a good fit there.

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