Build Numbers: iManage Clients & Servers

It’s important to run the correct version. This is not always as easy as you might think. It’s been my experience that 1 to 5% of the time, a client-side automated iManage install can fail to deploy everything properly.

To confirm that things are as they promise, check the build number. Generally a Field Test or Hot Fix will not have the same build number as the Generally Available release.

Version Number Formats

8.5.100u.XX.  This format has not quite been followed for the “before SP” releases of different software lines, but here’s hoping it will be more consistent starting with 9.0.

  • 8.5 means this is 8.5.  You might instead have 8.2, 8.3, or 8.4
  • the 1000s indicates this software is Service Pack 1, also known as the SP
  • the “u” is the update number.
  • XX is the build number.



The Email Management client component was introduced with 8.2 SP1.


WorkSite Server

  • WorkSite Server 8.3 P2
  • WorkSite Server 8.3 P3
  • WorkSite Server 8.3 SP1
  • WorkSite Server 8.4
  • WorkSite Server 8.4.1
  • WorkSite Server 8.5 Build Numbers

Comm Server

This content was sourced originally from a July 2011 post by Christian Villegas in the Autonomy WorkSite Customer Forums – reformatted here for pleasant blog reading and updates in subsequent years.  If you can’t log to the forum, see my tips about navigating iManage support.