Document Management

A document management system facilitates your organization’s business needs without extra friction.

A Cersys document management project creates a DMS solution for your firm that meets your business needs.
We bring you our lessons learned from designing and deploying DMS at Canada’s largest law firms, but customize our approach to meet the needs of your firm.

Document management solutions manage risk.

Document management systems allow firms to manage documents and emails: collaborate and maintain a knowledge base.

Systems are designed to reflect how your firm and professionals work with content.

  • How content is structured
  • Who accesses it
  • How do people find it
  • How does content enter
  • How does it leave
  • How does the DMS fit with how your professionals work today (they use e-mail related to matters)
Improve tracking and retrieval – you’ll be less likely to misplace or overlook important documents.
  • Protect key documents from premature destruction
  • Discovery-ready processes to control information lifespan.
  • Next phase of technology deployment
  • Collaboration with client
  • Meta-data cleansing
  • Records management