Recognizing FileSite 8.2 icons

Recognizing FileSite 8.2 icons

FileSite, the Outlook add-in that provides document management, uses a variety of icon designs to distinguish between different containers that have different functionality.

Here are the most important icons as of FileSite version 8.2 and how to recognize them.  You must use a color monitor (or color print-out) to view these correctly.

The icons change somewhat with the release of FileSite 8.5.  More on that later… (for example – the top level icons with FileSite 8.5)

Icon is a This can hold
  pale orange-red. Supposed to look like an accordion folder Workspace folders and tabs
yellow. Supposed to look like a manila folder Document folder folders and documents
yellow with blue magnifying glass. Search folder search results
blue. Supposed to look like a folder-divider (?!) Tab search folders
yellow with a small red rectangle on the lower-right My MattersCategory workspaces and categories
yellow with a blue splotch with a small yellow rectangle on the lower-right My FavouritesCategory Any shortcut you could put in My Favourites

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