iManage Workspaces – improved browse and search

iManage Workspaces – improved browse and search

Workspace Categories simplify the process of finding a new workspace of a particular type.  The Category field can help with both searching and browsing for workspaces of all types. The following is one of the best practices Cersys incorporates into our matter-centric WorkSite deployments.


This shows a relatively generic Workspace Search form.  The user can specify BILLABLE or PRACTICE, etc, in the category field.  This is expected to facilitate:

  • excluding billable matter workspaces for a search for a non-billable matter’s workspace such as client relations. The billable matters for any client are expected to far outnumber the non-billable matters.
  • browsing for lawyers’ personal workspaces, e.g. to peruse personal precedent folders
  • locating departmental or administrative workspaces without having to guess at matter name, client name, or terminology.


workspace category is a classification attribute akin to a document class or application type – it should not be confused with the folder-like category container that a user can create within My Matters and My Favourites.

As part of the workspace template design process, each distinct category is used to tag that template, so that the resulting workspaces can be easily distinguished. Often our customers have asked ‘why can’t we categorize matters to distinguish between billable and non-billable,’ and we use this simple mechanism from iManage to achieve that result.

Common workspace categories are:

  • Billable matter
  • Personal
  • Non-billable matter
  • Departmental or group

The exact naming conventions will vary from one firm to the next, based on the project-specific lexicon.

Are you interested in applying this technique at your firm?  Contact us.  Helping people succeed with their document solutions is our business.

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