Folder Features added to WorkSite Desktop Clients with 8.5 SP3

Folder Features added to WorkSite Desktop Clients with 8.5 SP3

Folder Features added to WorkSite Desktop Clients with 8.5 SP3

With the release of FileSite 8.5 Sp3, iManage has added a pair of navigation features that I’ve long hoped for.  Both features make folders easier to find, and workspaces friendlier to collaboration.

folders and shortcuts, a workspace: oh my!The features transform the experience from ‘go find it’ into ‘here it is’.

  • Send Container Links – WorkSite has long supported document links (NRL) which you can send by email within the firm. With the enhancement in this release, you can now ‘forward’ a folder or workspace by emailing a link to your colleague.
  • ‘Open Folder’ from the Where Used Dialog  – It’s terribly common to find a promising search result, and then want to browse for similar documents within that workspace.  Or, you are looking at your document worklist and want to go to where one of those documents actually lives. How do you get there? This enhancement lets you jump to that workspace folder via the document’s Where Used information.

In this article, I describe the role I see for these features, and how to incorporate them in your FileSite deployment.

Container NRL/URL Link Support

This enhancement offers the ability to send links (NRL or URL) to a WorkSite container (e.g., Workspace or document folder). The user can open the linked file and navigate to the linked container.

Why/when to use this: Say there’s a conversation at the water cooler about finding a good example of a particular agreement. When the first lawyer returns to her desk, she can go to the folder where she keeps her precedents, and email a link to that folder to her colleague.  Then the recipient can double-click that embedded link to the folder  – which appears as an attached NRL file. The workspace then appears within the Matter Worklist, and is selected. At this point, the recipient can work directly with that workspace, and even add it to My Matters or My Favourites if desired.

In particular, this is exciting because the folder’s owner can now take responsibility for pointing out that folder!  Previously, the searcher had to hunt it down, at best by subscribing to that other user’s My Matters and digging from there.

How to deploy: if you are using the ‘as delivered’ menus for workspaces and folders, this new menu action will appear automatically when you deploy SP3.  On the other hand, if you have customized these menus, e.g. removing unwanted actions like Refile, then your custom menu will need to be modified to incorporate this new item.

New “Open Folder” button on Where Used Dialog

This enhancement offers the ability to navigate from the ‘Where Used’ dialog to the folder where the document is located. This feature applies only to folders residing within a Workspace… in other words: the legacy-style private and public folders will not benefit.

Why/when to use this: This feature eliminates so many intermediate steps.  With the older Where Used dialog, the full name of the folder path was sometimes truncated, especially if it was a sub-folder more than one level deep. This made it difficult or impossible to see the name of the workspace.  To work around, you might need to search for the workspace manually (client and matter numbers) and then guess at the folder based on its document class.  Very painful indeed.

How to deploy: This new button will appear automatically on the Where Used dialog when you deploy SP3. Remember, it will only work for folders that are contained in workspaces.

To learn more

You can see more information about these features in the release notes for WorkSite Desktop Clients 8.5 SP3  – available for current iManage customers via download from the Autonomy website.

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