When a Matter is closed | FileSite close-up

When a Matter is closed | FileSite close-up

When a Matter is closed | FileSite close-up

If your financial system controls the creation and open-closed status of matters in iManage WorkSite, you may occasionally run into situations where a matter has been closed, yet there is still content to contribute. Here are some tips about the situation.

Q: Does the workspace still appear in workspace search results?

A: Yes, the workspace still appears in the search results.

Q: Can you contribute more documents to the workspace?

No, you cannot contribute additional documents or emails to the workspace.

Q: What is the behavior when you attempt to contribute to the closed workspace?

If you are using client-side filing, the profile form pops up and rejects the disabled matter ID (e.g. 11023).  If you are using server-side filing, this may fail later and be logged on the server. You may instead see the imFieldDisabled error pop-up.

Q: Is there an easy way to tell that a workspace is closed?

Regrettably at present, there is no EASY way to tell if the matter associated with a workspace is closed.  You have to look at the matter status manually, via a matter lookup dialog, e.g. in the workspace search or document search forms.

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  • One way around this – or at least to try and help – is to indicate the matter status in the Workspace Name. This means you have to maintain your workspace names, but if you’re using any of the products that build and maintain workspaces – you should be able to do this.

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