November 2011 recap – top ten posts

November 2011 recap – top ten posts

Here are the top ten posts from this blog in November 2011 based on their traffic, along with their date-published.

10. At number ten, we have iManage Workspaces – improved browse and search published July 12.

9. Prevent Flatspace – WorkSite can save your weekend published August 24.

8. Fragmented index can slash your performance within WorkSite published October 6th. I particularly liked writing that one.


7. Folder Features added to WorkSite Desktop Clients with 8.5 SP3 published September 15. This is actually in a 3-way tie with #8 and #6.

6. Requirements Best Practices – Content Migration Series published November 10th. I think I’ll add a reference page for this whole series, to make it easier to read in one gulp.

5. Migrating to Exchange 2010 with iManage WorkSite Communication Server published November 14. Sharing excellent article from nooption’s blog.

4. Migrating Content to a DMS – Best Practices published November 4. Kicking off that series.

3. iManage EMM 8.5 and Outlook 2010 | FileSite close-up published October 12. A share from a great WorkSite resource.

2. Outlook hangs on drag-drop | FileSite close-up published October 3.

1. And at number 1, boosted by its link from number two, we have Refresh? How long? | FileSite close-up published November 2.

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