My Matters cleanup tips = Solve your mess

My Matters cleanup tips = Solve your mess

My Matters cleanup tips = Solve your mess

“One of the annoyances of the FileSite app is the inability to remove >1 shortcut at a time, to tidy up” My Matters or My Favourites.  However, there is a way to select a number at a time and remove them – you just need to know how to get there.

Jason Plant’s reported the shortest path I’ve seen: right click My Matters and select ‘Add Shortcuts’.  The resulting dialog will allow you to select multiple items within My Matters and then to right-click them. Counter-intuitive, I know, but still elegant. You can right-click move them, or right-click delete them.

But, before disseminating this tip throughout your firm, make sure that your Workspace security model is calamity-proof:

Can users delete the workspaces?

If a user with full access rights on the workspace says to delete its shortcut, WorkSite may proceed to delete the workspace itself and all its contents.  This is yet another reason to be cautious with WorkSite shortcuts – powerful but tricky.

How can you user-proof your workspaces?

  • I generally recommend against giving regular user accounts full access to any workspace. It’s unwarranted 99.9 % of the time. Better is to use an add-on security manager, such as Prosperoware’s excellent app Milan Help Desk.
  • Activate ‘Prevent Flat Space’ for your Matter Centric iManage databases. This will ensure that documents are not ripped out of folders.

Don’t provide users with full deletion authority over documents. Instead use a Recycle Bin paradigm – sold by many vendors to extend and improve upon WorkSite’s bare-bones deletion functionality.

If you’ve made it safe, it’s really worth using

You may have gritted your teeth many times when you’ve needed to change lots of workspaces at once.

In the Outlook Folder navigation pane, you can only select one thing at a time… so most commonly, you might move matter shortcuts one at a time, delete them one at a time, etc.

One-at-a-time work can be mind-numbingly awful if you have to deal with many workspaces at once.

You can Multi-Select!

The trick is to access the My Matters listing elsewhere.  Specifically, bring up a dialog that is used for Browsing, Saving, or Moving.  For example, My Matters’ Add Shortcuts, or Word’s Save as dialog, or FileSite’s Right-click Move workspace.

Available in versions… Action available
In Office 2003, FileSite 8.2 SP1 and later Multiple select workspaces and delete them all with one click
In Office/Outlook 2007, FileSite 8.5, and later Multiple select workspaces and drag-drop moveto a category or another My Matters.


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