How to search for a folder in FileSite

How to search for a folder in FileSite

How to search for a folder in FileSite

Trouble finding a folder – a classic-style Public Folder in WorkSite, or a deeply-buried folder within a workspace?

Perhaps you never have this problem. If your firm has always used WorkSite with the best of Matter Centric techniques in designing workspace and folder structures, and you’ve been using the ‘the fewer-the-better’ paradigm, you probably don’t need to read this tip.  Run along.

Right, now for everyone who has to deal with a complicated system that has evolved “organically”.  How do you find a folder when there’s no discernible logic to its location?

There is a ‘Search Folders’ dialog which solves this problem. Keep reading to find where it’s hidden…

Folder Search

Toggle the search between Folders and Workspaces

The integrated “Save to WorkSite” dialog, or the “add shortcuts” dialog allows you to

  • search for a Workspace not already listed in your My Matters or your Matter Worklist.
  • search for a Folder by name or creator

There is a button in the upper-righthand corner of the dialog that brings up the search.  You switch between Workspace Search and Folder Search using the down triangle to the right of the button.

Looking at the situation from the other angle: if you have a document and want to jump to its containing folder, 8.5 SP3 has a feature for that…

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