FileSite Missing Pieces – desktop troubleshooting

FileSite Missing Pieces – desktop troubleshooting

FileSite Missing Pieces – desktop troubleshooting

FileSite can get into some odd states with missing toolbars.  Exactly what is it missing? If this is a new install, are you sure you finished installing everything?

Must eat toolbars

Kind-of alive but crucial pieces are missing.

There are many, many different components and aspects that go into evoking the integrated FileSite and EMM functionality on your desktop.  Inevitably, with many moving pieces, there are many possible points of failure. Here are some common symptoms matched up with likely causes, followed then by details for addressing the various causes.

Symptom: WorkSite/FileSite menu missing from Outlook
Symptom: FileSite isn’t in the Navigation Pane in Outlook

Does Outlook show the right Toolbar for FileSite, but that’s all?

Outlook is not very good at telling you what’s gone wrong with FileSite. For solutions, and more symptoms, keep reading…

Apps of the undead – where’s my toolbar?

Symptom: Missing FileSite/WorkSite menu, and the navigation pane does not have the WorkSite server icon.

Answer: After you install iManage FileSite, you need to do one counter-intuitive thing to get it really up-and-running. Register it as if it’s a PST file – click through for the instructions.

OK, perhaps you think that makes sense. Nonetheless, it is easy to forget. If you don’t register it, there won’t be a FileSite icon to expand, and there will be no WorkSite menu in Outlook.

Symptom: FileSite node in navigation pane will not expand

Answer 1: Is it just one or some users? If the problem is not affecting everyone, has that particular user’s login ID become disabled? Re-enable it with the dbAdmin tool. If it’s chronically disabled, something or someone is using the wrong password for that account in attempting to log in to WorkSite. By default, WorkSite allows only 3 failures before locking the account.

Answer 2: Is there a problem with the WorkSite database or server? Check the service status to confirm that it’s running, check the server logs for pervasive trouble such as SQL login failures or disk-full errors.

Symptom: Missing toolbars. Why are the FileSite and – or EMM addin failing to load for Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc? Why is the Send and File button sometimes missing, or EMM toolbar sometimes missing, from my New Email Message window?

General Answer: Microsoft Office and Outlook have a ‘one strike’ rule. If an addin causes a crash, Outlook (or Word) skips that addin at startup time the next time Outlook runs. FileSite is an addin.

First Answer: For repeated disabled FileSite troubles, incompatible .NET dlls may be your culprit, especially because Microsoft has admitted to many dozen broken patches which block later updates to the .NET dll. For details, refer to the two Microsoft updates mentioned at the end of this other Cersys article.

Second Answer: If the Microsoft .NET updates do not address it, you can force the addins to load despite prior failures, by deleting these registry settings for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc


These will have to be deleted every time the addin fails – so a Group Policy or at least a login script would be called for.

Third Answer: Some or all emails initiated ‘outside’ of Outlook will not have the Send and File button, or other FileSite EMM integration. This is a known technical limitation of Microsoft Outlook integration with external tools including WorkSite’s Email Management.

You may also notice that a standard signature or other Outlook preferences are not applied to that message. That’s due to the same root cause.

The functionality of Send and File … will not work from the Web or Word [or other external events]. From the Release Notes of 8.2 SP1 P4: Relabeled “Send” Button During Simple MAPI Operations—When a user triggers a new e-mail message from outside of Outlook (such as from a mailto link on a website, from Word, or other application), the Send button in the message window was labeled as “Send and File” even though the E-mail Management for Outlook functionally cannot support this type of operation. In Patch 4, the “Send and File” button has been correctly relabeled as “Send”.

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6 thoughts on “FileSite Missing Pieces – desktop troubleshooting”

  • Hi,

    I have an issue where the emm toolbar disappears when other programs with outlook addins (such as cisco Jabber) are installed.

    The only fix I have is to uninstall and reinstall EMM – simply repairing the package or deleting the HKCU/interwoven folder doesnt work.

    Any ideas?

  • Looking for an answer as to why my EMM toolbar shows up in Outlook, but when I reply to an e-mail, the toolbar disappears. Why is this? How can I fix it?

  • We’ve also encountered the FIleSite tree will not load after installing when you are using other languages then English in Outlook.
    In the FileSiteLocale.xml file, which can be found in the following location.C:Program FilesInterwovenWorkSiteiOutlookFilesiteLocale.xml there are translations. not all of them are correct. for instance there is a mix-up of Swedish and Norwegian in the Norwegian section. this causes the FileSIte tree not loading in the Norwegian Office machines.
    It is a mistake that pops in and out if the different version, good to check this file when you have this problem.

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