Top twelve posts from year 1! #LegalIT Galore

Top twelve posts from year 1! #LegalIT Galore

The Cersys Blog is one year old today: Here are the top twelve posts from the past year.

Troubleshooting is a favorite topic, regularly racking up the most visits on full articles.  Five of the top posts are purely troubleshooting.

Two articles are not ‘about’ iManage WorkSite at their core: technology-for-law analysis about the costs and rewards of filing email, and my extremely technical advice to Database Administrators on defragmenting indexes (for WorkSite).

The Quick Questions page also has been dominating the overall visits – containing mostly troubleshooting and how-to tips.

  1. Refresh? How long?| FileSite close-up – I suspect that these settings cause trouble at virtually ALL law firms which allow the folder-display-limit to rise higher than 1000, and use/allow/permit folders to grow larger than 5,000 items. For the past year’s top analysis and new feature recommendations …and of course many more troubleshooting articles, read on.
  2. Folder Features added to WorkSite Desktop Clients with 8.5 SP3 – Nice to see a high rank for this post about new functionality and how it addresses some real scenarios. Published September 15, 2011.
  3. On errors and Redemption | FileSite close-up – June 28, 2011. Oldest and still in the Champion’s Circle! Seems like Microsoft is never going to eliminate “DLL Hell” as a source of bugs.
  4. Outlook hangs on drag-drop | FileSite close-up – October 3, 2011. 
  5. Outlook crashes on launch? Maybe tangled NETs  This troubleshooting post was published December 9, 2011.
  6. iManage EMM 8.5 and Outlook 2010| FileSite close-up  – October 12, 2011. A cross-link to another LegalIT blog, exploring compatibility of the newer EMM and Outlook 2010.  
  7. Prevent Flatspace – WorkSite can save your weekend – August 24, 2011 design or training.
  8. Productivity = Don’t file? No! Matter Centric DMS – October 14, 2011. Business Analysis and Opinion 
  9. Duelling Previews in Outlook 2007 and FileSite – November 29, 2011. Based on a real-life support case.
  10. Fragmented index can slash your performance within WorkSite October 6, 2011 System performance review and maintenance.
  11. Exchange Message IDs and WorkSite Email Duplicates Investigating the mysteries of the interaction between WorkSite Email Management, Exchange Message IDs, and WorkSite Duplicate Detection. Published August 18, 2011.
  12. WorkSite 8.5 icons – The Usual Suspects Who would have thought this post would be so popular? Perhaps I am not the only person to think these icons are tiny and barely legible. February 14, 2011

Thank you for visiting! We hope you come back throughout this year too.

We’re not just troubleshooters…
Our law consultancy at Cersys specializes in (re-)designing and deploying WorkSite for the legal market. We infuse matter-centric principles at every level, in a way tailored to provide great uptake of matter-profiled content. We can conduct a Matter Centricity audit on your existing WorkSite deployment. Contact us to learn how your organization can take better advantage of matter centric techniques.

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