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Since autumn of 2007, I’ve specialized in Document Management projects for law firms of ten to five hundred lawyers – either as a Cersys consultant or contracted with other consultancies to do the same.

Consulting is great because you get to solve many different kinds of problems and build interesting solutions. I enjoy the challenge of right-sizing an approach so that my customers end-up really happy with the results.

In my entire career, I have been an advocate for knowledge management and the successful delivery of information. I was ‘practicing’ knowledge management years before I started ‘preaching’ it.  I believe that facts locked in your head do not become knowledge unless you share them with others.

  • At Cersys, I build project wikis with system documentation – specific for each project as well as best practice content shared by all our subscribers.  I also do business requirement interviews, design workspaces and FileSite menus, talk to dbas about backups, hang out with the QA department, commiserate with trainers, share tips with the help desk…
  • As a software architect and development manager in my life BC (before consulting), I created and contributed to a shared knowledge base for my department to leverage and improve – measuring knowledge-transfer tasks as part of my reports’ performance plans.
  • In my university days at MIT, I did my thesis on Search and Text Retrieval as a co-op student in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Services group at Digital Equipment Corporation.

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