WorkSite folder deleted accidentally?

After a folder or a tree of folders has been deleted, it is a slow, complex, manual process to reverse-engineer the folder and its contents.  There is no restore-from-trash option – neither for users nor for sys-admins. I repeat: iManage provides no administrator-friendly tools to ‘undelete’ a folder or document.  IT will have to restore a raw [...]...
  • Author: Sandy Milne
  • September 30, 2014

iManage FileSite’s Filing Status columns: a quick tip

Question: My Outlook ‘Inbox’ has DMS fields for ‘Filing Location’ ‘Filing Status’ and ‘Filing Date’ – but my ‘Sentbox’ does not have these fields.  Is this normal? How can I get this information to appear in my Sent Items and in my Inbox? Answer: That’s normal, but don’t despair. You can easily add Filing Status [...]...
  • Author: Sandy Milne
  • September 26, 2014

Monkey selfies not protected by copyright!

Interesting legal discussions erupted over TechDirt’s 2011 fair use publication of an unusual self-portrait: see the 2011 article describing the image’s creation. Bizarre but true!  Because this photo (accidentally snapped by the macaque shown) had no human ‘creator,’ the US Copyright Office ruled that the camera’s owner could not claim copyright of the image. Ape rights [...]...
  • Author: Sandy Milne
  • August 25, 2014

eBay vanishes: old routers stymied by explosive growth in web

This week, arbitrary amounts of web traffic slowed or failed outright – including eBay in the UK – due to a long-known limitation on the number of addresses supported by older routers. Within these traffic-handling devices, a phone-book-like lookup technique known as the Border Gateway Protocol matches web page address requests to IP addresses: older routers [...]...
  • Author: Sandy Milne
  • August 15, 2014


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