#youKnowHerName: Cyberbullying, death, and the juvenile right to privacy

Nova Scotia lawyer David Fraser’s blog: “The publication ban that makes no sense“… highlights the legal and appropriate way to deal with the ban. In upholding the ban, the judge was very clear who has the authority make it a non-offense to break the ban in this case.  It is the Public Prosecution Service of [...]...
  • Author: Sandy Milne
  • November 14, 2014

FileSite/DeskSite 9.0 Update 5 Highlights

Top Feature in Update 5 for FileSite, DeskSite The WorkSite desktop clients Update 5 provides a particular new feature which has been requested in several DMS deployments we’ve done: the ability to pre-set, and remember, any tab on the Document Preview Pane. Why is this useful?  Regardless of training, I’ve found that people who’re new to DMS [...]...
  • Author: Sandy Milne
  • October 17, 2014

OpryGate? WiFi jammers once the norm at ILTA14 location

Although the WiFi jamming complaint against the resort long predated ILTA14, it strikes me as ironic that the Gaylord Opryland hosted ILTA14 (and ILTA11). Surely that’s one group of conference visitors you’d not want to anger. [eta: further updates to come. Jamming was not in effect at ILTA2014]   Vendors & attendees: MiFi devices are interfering [...]...
  • Author: Sandy Milne
  • October 13, 2014

Friday funnies – seen on twitter

bitchwhocodes  Oct 01, 9:06am lol – perfect commentary on the Internet of Things pic.twitter.com/h6mH2Lg8ri  ||   wbm312 Oct 05, 1:19pm Data is vs. Data are: xkcd.com/1429/  || zanzjan   Oct 01, 9:43pm @Mallikarjunan @KateElliottSFF A sysadmin sees the inevitability that they all used a glass, even though what they needed was a mug.  ||   Love this. MT @joycecaroloates Discounted blurbs for [...]...
  • Author: Sandy Milne
  • October 10, 2014


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