Top iManage Design and Training posts – Q3 2012

Top iManage Design and Training posts – Q3 2012

Top iManage Design and Training posts – Q3 2012

As the Cersys Blog settles into its new home within, let’s take a look back at our most popular blog topics in the third quarter of 2012.


This was the runaway favourite topic, with the following quartet of articles within the top-ten posts.

  1. FileSite Missing Pieces – desktop troubleshooting – this is a compilation of Quick Tips that were attracting so much traffic that they got their own post. This covers a spectrum of “remember to install…” all the way through to detailed .NET DLL conflicts.
  2. View perspective: Outlook 2010 and FileSite – Outlook troubleshooting tips and workarounds for garbled views.
  3. Check out WorkSite’s Check in – This post combines some training and background as well as troubleshooting for documents that stay checked-out.
  4. Refresh? How long? – Talks about two settings that have had performance trouble on multi-thousand item folders.



Next most popular were some feature reviews, and a high-ranked Matter Centricity post. These four posts were at the top of this category:

  1. FileSite 8.5 and Outlook 2010 – worth the upgrade – enthusing over the ‘Save Attachment’ functionality.
  2. WorkSite 8.5 icons – The Usual Suspects – a reference sheet of the icons and what they mean
  3. Folder Features added to WorkSite Desktop Clients with 8.5 SP3 – Folder links and Open containing folder
  4. WorkSpace Name Guidelines – Matter Centricity and iManage – Naming conventions



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