Continuing Support

Cersys knows Technology, and has over a decade of experience with the Business of Law.

We provide project management and consulting. Our goal is to help legal professionals understand how this CERSYS solution will work for them.

We’re specialists in providing document management solutions for the legal sector. That’s why we can show you the most efficient ways to integrate your DMS with your existing systems.

Change and Training

Experts in change management, we consider many dimensions when developing strategic ways to design and deploy your firm’s DMS.

You have the power of choice: we can mentor your on-staff trainers on the system, or we will conduct firm-wide training directly. This is not some dry walk-through-the-manual packaged training.  We have consulted directly with hundreds of lawyers about their Document Management goals, and our training shows that focus.

Operational Excellence

  • We offer support services for your WorkSite solution, DocAuto solution, and all the custom solutions that we create for your firm.
  • Even after the Document Management System is deployed, Cersys is available to support or expand your IT team.  Our participation can be orders of magnitude more efficient by contacting iManage Support on your behalf.
  • Operational support- think of CERSYS as your on-call support team.  Have clear visibility into your requests with our issue portal Clarify.

Continuing Improvement

  • We recommend ways to keep your system top-line and help you stay on top of software updates.
  • We’ll perform post-deployment analyses of how the DMS is working in your firm. If you’re struggling with dissatisfied users or a operational overload, we can bring our experience to bear.
  • Our health checks give you the confidence of moving forward knowing that your system is working flawlessly.
Contact us to learn how to get more from your systems!