January 2012 top ten posts

January 2012 top ten posts

Here are our top ten posts from January 2012 based on their traffic, along with their date-published.  Based on the popularity of troubleshooting topics, I’ll guess many people started out the new year with a resolution to eliminate DMS errors!  Fewer click-throughs occurred to design or analysis posts.

We have a new number-one favourite: December’s saga of dot NET contribution to Outlook and FileSite errors.  Only one post published in January made the list – at number nine.

  1. Outlook crashes on launch? Maybe tangled NETs  This troubleshooting post was published December 9, 2011.
  2. Quick Questions and Answers | iManage FileSite, EMM, WorkSite, etc  – a page with 10+ specific topics accumulated over time. It’s collecting a fair amount of traffic – possibly it’s time to give some of these various facts a post of their own.
  3. Prevent Flatspace – WorkSite can save your weekend – August 24, 2011. This design advice was our most popular non-troubleshooting post during January.
    Read on for the rest… of our finalists…
  4. Refresh? How long? | FileSite close-up – November 2, 2011. As this post says, this refresh behavior is very likely causing you grief.
  5. Exchange Message IDs and WorkSite Email Duplicates – August 18, 2011. This area of FileSite EMM has some wonky logic. I am not surprised visitors here were looking for some clarity about it.
  6. iManage EMM 8.5 and Outlook 2010 | FileSite close-up  – October 12, 2011. A cross-link to another LegalIT blog, which sometimes focuses on WorkSite.
  7. Outlook hangs on drag-drop | FileSite close-up – October 3, 2011
  8. On errors and Redemption | FileSite close-up – June 28, 2011. Oldest and still in the Champion’s Circle! This is the troubleshooting post that made me realize what sort of info is likely to drive a certain type of traffic to this blog.  Redemption is an odd name for an Outlook API DLL, but it does make for a nifty title.
  9. Confidentially: Trouble lurks in law firms | Pondering Prosperoware Matter Hub – January 11, 2012. The only January post to make the top-ten is an analysis post, talking about Ethical Walls and Records Management.
  10. Duelling Previews in Outlook 2007 and FileSite – November 29, 2011. Based on a real-life support case.

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