Stop using Internet Explorer ASAP – Security Roundup

Stop using Internet Explorer ASAP – Security Roundup

Stop using Internet Explorer ASAP – Security Roundup

Stop using Internet Explorer, immediately. Unfortunately, this is no April Fools prank.

A devastating security flaw – already being exploited in US industries – has been discovered and is not yet repaired.  It is so serious that the US Department of Homeland Security has moved “to urge users to consider alternative Web browsers until a patch is issued.”  Further details are at the end of this article…

Until Microsoft provides a fix, the only way to be safe is not to use Internet Explorer. Yes, this most definitely includes clicking those shortened links within Twitter or Facebook.

This situation turns out to be illustrative of other security events from the past month.  Here’s the month in review, as seen through the tweets and re-tweets shared by @CersysInc.

Recently on twitter: April has been a big month for cyber-security.

Leading into the month, we expected April 2014 to include security angst, because it included the end-of-life for long-popular operating system Windows XP.  However, it was the unscheduled security crises affecting SSL and Internet Explorer, that really made security news-worthy this month.

The sun set on Windows XP, from the support-from-Microsoft point of view: a milestone known a couple of years in advance.

 RETWEETED BY Sandy Milne @CersysInc
SlawTips @SlawTips · Mar 25

Computers Running Windows XP SP3 or Office 2003 Must Be Updated Immediately: I have harped on this before, but… 

 RETWEETED BY Sandy Milne @CersysInc
John Overholt @john_overholt · Apr 8

A third of the world’s computers now run an operating system with no forthcoming security patches: …


More alarmingly, major new online security issues came to light.

Heartbleed affects a popular Open Source SSL implementation and thereby makes ‘secure’ solutions vulnerable world-wide.

 RETWEETED BY Sandy Milne @CersysInc
Jim Roberts @nycjim · Apr 9

BREAKING: #Canada stops accepting online tax returns because of #Heartbleed security bug. 

 RETWEETED BY Sandy Milne @CersysInc
Carla Gentry @data_nerd · Apr 9

No seriously, change your passwords — and be glad you still can 

Heartbleed, Server 2003, and XP: things to confirm TODAY. …


How the #Heartbleed bug works   #security


A devastating Internet Explorer flaw – in all versions – was discovered after attacks on financial and defense institutions were underway in the US.

Microsoft Web Browser Security Bug Could Impact Millions of Users 

IE 0-day exploit actively used in attacks against US-based firms 

US gov urgent message: “Stop using Internet Explorer” says DHS. #security #legalIT 


Does this affect you and your firm?  Very likely.  Contact the experts at Cersys and we can take a look at your systems.

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