Update Internet Explorer today

Update Internet Explorer today

Update Internet Explorer today

Microsoft has now fixed Internet Explorer’s very serious security problem, discovered April 26. Microsoft has provided the corrected versions even for those Internet Explorer versions which run only on their unsupported OS, Windows XP.

As we posted here on Tuesday, Microsoft acknowledged that all versions of Internet Explorer contained the flaw, which was already known and exploited by hackers.

Click 'Check your settings' once you visit the Microsoft site

Click ‘Check your settings’ once you visit the Microsoft site

As CNET says in their article ‘Microsoft fixes big IE bug’, most machines ‘have automatic updates enabled’ and will not require extra action to trigger this repair.

Do you know if Automatic Update is enabled on your own machine, and enabled on all machines at your firm? This is a crucial question: visit this Microsoft article on Windows Update and it will help you walk through the necessary update steps.

Legal IT: Don’t forget your servers

What about the servers?  I know that some application server software specifically counsels permanently disabling automatic update as a step in their deployment process…

For DMS or index servers that have not been updated in months or years, running Windows update may require a large download and possibly a server restart.  If you don’t have an architecture that supports automatic or manual failover to a second server, you should plan a system downtime during which you will get your server caught up, including today’s most critical Windows Update for IE.

Unsure of the safe and correct restart procedures for your Document Management System or Enterprise Search?  Contact your vendor for support, or ping Cersys to set up an extended support relationship with us.





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