WorkSite folder deleted accidentally?

WorkSite folder deleted accidentally?

WorkSite folder deleted accidentally?

Restoring a deleted DMS folder is no laughing matter

The Scream (lithography) - Edvard Munch - 1895. After a folder or a tree of folders has been deleted, it is a slow, complex, manual process to reverse-engineer the folder and its contents.  There is no restore-from-trash option – neither for users nor for sys-admins. I repeat: iManage provides no administrator-friendly tools to ‘undelete’ a folder or document.  IT will have to restore a raw backup on a temporary server, track down which records were affected, and manually reconstruct them on the production server.  If the deletion happened between backups, that’s it: it’s gone.

There is a simple way to prevent this problem…

WorkSite features a way to prevent the deletion of folders which still contain contents.  The following links will take you to detailed articles here in our blog.

  • Read more in our original WorkSite 8.5 blog article: Prevent Flatspace
  • Is everyone at the firm running FileSite 8.5 or a later version?  Is the WorkSite server itself at 8.5?  If some users are not yet on 8.5, then you cannot use this setting.  Get upgraded to 8.5 or 9.0! ( yes, we can help with that)
  • Beware of the workspace security model and unintended deletion of WorkSpace shortcuts. WorkSite Shortcuts

If you find that IT spends too much time restoring content from deleted folders, contact us.  We can consult with you for a few quick hours to determine how best to proceed.

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