2014 in review at the Cersys blog

2014 in review at the Cersys blog

2014 in review at the Cersys blog

Fireworks - celebrate!Cersys top ten posts

Happy New Year everyone. Have you made any resolutions about cleaning up your Document Management system?

2014 was the highest-traffic year yet for the Cersys website.  As in prior years, the most-visited pages reflect that many of our visitors are interested in solving a particular FileSite or WorkSite trouble; or wants to learn (or teach) FileSite.

Thematically, troubleshooting was the big draw, followed by training posts.

Top Ten Posts (ascending popularity)

10. On errors and Redemption – Our very first troubleshooting post hangs onto a space in the top ten list, coming in at number 10.

9. Outlook hangs on drag-drop Number 9 explores troubleshooting techniques for diagnosing and fixing FileSite performance issues.  On a related note, in 2014 during a FileSite 9 upgrade we encountered a serious performance problem actually caused by a non-DMS Outlook add-in, yet the performance victim was FileSite!

8. Folder Features added to WorkSite Desktop Clients with 8.5 SP3 A training post makes its appearance at number 8. As the post says, these two folder features transform the experience from ‘go find it’ into ‘here it is’.

7. Prevent Flatspace – WorkSite can save your weekend This is grouped in the design category, though you could also consider it to be training for WorkSite administrators.  Prevent Flatspace is a crucial part of any modern matter-centric DMS deployment, and yet it is not enabled by default!

6. WorkSite 8.5 icons – The Usual Suspects Training again: what the icons mean, and what these containers are for.

And on with the top five posts of 2014

5. Outlook 2010 and FileSite – follow the ribbon. How to register FileSite as a Data File in Outlook 2010.

4. Check out WorkSite’s Check in | FileSite close-up. A combination of Training and Troubleshooting: what does it mean to check-in a document, and what might cause issues?

3. FileSite Missing Pieces – desktop troubleshooting Summarizing reasons why toolbars or other FileSite functionality might not work as expected.

2. View perspective: Outlook 2010 and FileSite This was the most popular standalone blog post. It addresses troubleshooting conflicts in viewing FileSite. I suspect this post has grown in popularity because of many migrations away from XP and Office 2003.

And at number one, the most frequently visited post on the blog was the Q&A posting.  This is not a surprise, because it aggregates several unrelated topics.

1. Q&A: iManage FileSite, WorkSite, IDOL, EMM. The blog’s topic aggregator article… in 2015, more of these topics will graduate to become independent posts…



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