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In case of fire (funny)
In case of fire (funny)

With all the disaster planning and business continuity strategies you put in place, it is important to be focused on the right goals when disaster strikes. Sometimes, your online brand is not your most important asset in need of preservation… In case of fire, please leave the building before tweeting about it.

Business Continuity – Planning for your Law Firm’s Survival

You can’t schedule emergencies, but you can prepare for them Being prepared has two key aspects. For your business to survive a disaster, it’s key to know How will you continue to work in the event of a disruption? How will you restore normal operations once the interrupted services and facilities are re-established? Does your firm have written procedures…

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Cloud Service Level Agreements

How solid is your cloud? If you’ve stepped to a cloud-based solution, does your service level agreement touch on availability, disaster recovery, and litigation against other customers of that service provider?