News: DocAuto’s E-mail Management at ILTA

DocAuto has announced some interesting enhancements at ILTA 2011: predictive filing for email that’s meant to eliminate most of user’s effort in filing, and a standalone PST processor to take care of filing content that was previously archived in PST files. OutiM Predict™ is designed to provide users with “zero additional click” predictive filing capabilities…

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Exchange Message IDs and WorkSite Email Duplicates
Exchange Message IDs and WorkSite Email Duplicates

In WorkSite 8.2 and 8.5, Email Duplicate Detection is implemented as a simple matching of the message ID value of the email.  This search for duplicates is restricted to workspace-level by default.  Duplicate detection can be disabled, or can be set to process the entire WorkSite database: both approaches carry performance and/or usability penalties.