Cloud implications for Legal – links of interest

Cloud Services, especially for document management, present interesting legal and regulatory issues, such as national jurisdiction over the stored information.  I’ve posted a few musings about the issues but I am not seeing obvious conclusions yet. Rather than posting minor comments one-per-link, here is my collection to date.

news: LexisNexis Introduces a Semantic Search ‘Brain’ – semanticweb.com

The number of search solutions claiming to incorporate ‘concept identification’ is increasing.  Are you having a hard time sorting through all the options to determine which solution is right for your law firm? Contact me to set up a free hour of consulting. “The new semantic search technology takes this science to the next level…

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What is SaaS and when do you want it? Summary Video

This post at LexisNexis contains a twenty minute video panel overview of SaaS – software-as-a-service.  This provides a basis for discussion of cloud-based applications and storage. Moderator Tom Mighell is joined by legal technology experts and nationally known legal blawgers Carolyn Elefant, Robert Ambrogi, and Andy Adkins. What every lawyer needs to know about SaaS…

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