news: LexisNexis Introduces a Semantic Search ‘Brain’ –

news: LexisNexis Introduces a Semantic Search ‘Brain’ –

The number of search solutions claiming to incorporate ‘concept identification’ is increasing.  Are you having a hard time sorting through all the options to determine which solution is right for your law firm? Contact me to set up a free hour of consulting.

“The new semantic search technology takes this science to the next level by enhancing its ability to identify multiple concepts contained within a single search query. Thus, if a patent researcher asks the LexisNexis search engine to find information about a complex subject, the new semantic brain will actually identify various possible ideas contained in that request and return related concepts for each idea in their query. The researcher can then review the concepts suggested, assign relative importance by weighting them, eliminate concepts that aren’t related, and even add more concepts they think might be useful to the search project.”

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