What is Cersys?

How do you pronounce that?  “SIR  siss”

How do you spell it? Carefully.

We provide expert consultation for law firms and other professional services organizations, especially regarding document management. More description

When we were incorporating our consulting company, we needed a name not already used in Canada. “Cersys” fit that description.

You’ll never guess, though, where the name came from.  If you don’t care, either, then you can stop reading this particular page!

When I need to spell my url for someone over the phone, I often say “as in CERtified SYStems”… because that helps to cement the idea.  And the ‘sys’ does really stand for systems. But that’s not the whole story of where the name comes from.

The root of the idea

Really, you have to look at cercis canadensis, commonly known as the redbud tree.  It grows in the warmest areas of Southern Ontario and in Baltimore, Maryland.  It is a small, sturdy, tenacious tree, flowering in spring with small red-purple blossoms before its leaves emerge.