2011 in review – top ten tech posts

2011 in review – top ten tech posts

For 2011, here are the Cersys blog’s top eleven technology posts for the year.

Of course it’s skewed by what I post; but still, the troubleshooting category for iManage WorkSite comes out as a clear favorite, with the largest aggregate number of visits. Release-specific articles were popular, and also design or training topics.

  1. Folder Features added to WorkSite Desktop Clients with 8.5 SP3 – this article was both release-specific and contained design/training tips.
  2. On errors and Redemption | FileSite close-up – the oldest troubleshooting  article: it had the most months to rack up visits.
  3. Refresh? How long? | FileSite close-up – this is the most recent troubleshooting  article to make the top-eleven.
  4. Outlook hangs on drag-drop | FileSite close-up troubleshooting 
  5. Fragmented index can slash your performance within WorkSitetroubleshooting 
  6. iManage EMM 8.5 and Outlook 2010 | FileSite close-upRelease-specific
  7. Prevent Flatspace – WorkSite can save your weekenddesign or training
  8. iManage Workspaces – improved browse and searchdesign or training
  9. WorkSite Shortcuts? Drive Defensively | FileSite close-updesign or training
  10. Bug fixes and disruption – IDOL WorkSite Indexer 8.5 SP2 Update 2Release-specific
  11. iManExt: Forms and Captions Failed | FileSite Close-uptroubleshooting 

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