ILTA2012 LegalIT spending: current low is the New Normal

Notables and Quotables in 2012 •   Overall firm technology spending – as a percentage of firm revenue and based on per attorney spend – is still down from pre-2009 economic downturn. •   63% of all responding firms spend between 2-4% of total firm revenue on technology indicating a new tech budget ‘normal’. •…

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Top twelve posts from year 1! #LegalIT Galore

The Cersys Blog is one year old today: Here are the top twelve posts from the past year. Troubleshooting is a favorite topic, regularly racking up the most visits on full articles.  Five of the top posts are purely troubleshooting. Two articles are not ‘about’ iManage WorkSite at their core: technology-for-law analysis about the costs…

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