FileSite/DeskSite 9.0 Update 5 Highlights

FileSite/DeskSite 9.0 Update 5 Highlights

Top Feature in Update 5 for FileSite, DeskSite

The WorkSite desktop clients Update 5 provides a particular new feature which has been requested in several DMS deployments we’ve done: the ability to pre-set, and remember, any tab on the Document Preview Pane.

Why is this useful?  Regardless of training, I’ve found that people who are new to DMS never think to click away from the default Profile tab, and to ‘push-pin’ the Quick-View tab.  This leads to inconvenience in locating a specific email.

I think this new feature can smooth out that bump in the adoption curve.

What else is new?

An exhaustive list of small features and fixes is provided in the Release Notes themselves: register for and log into WorkSite Support for the details. Visit the ‘Resource Center’ for WorkSite 9 to download the freshest release notes.

In addition to the Preview Pane enhancement, here are other highlights from this update:

  • Official support for French and Spanish – In particular, I recognize many Cersys requests in the French localization errors reported against 8.5 SP2 Update 6. You’re welcome, Quebec. 😉
  • Office 2013 SP1 Support – It can cause instability trying to mis-match an unsupported Office Service Pack with FileSite.  If you’ve been holding off  on this Office upgrade, it’s time to power-on your test environment.
  • WorkSite Anywhere Network Login – allows using your domain credentials instead of WorkSite specific credentials. Using domain credentials should cut down on calls to the help-desk for locked DMS accounts.
  • New version of Redemption.dll – addresses some Outlook 2007 ‘Stops Responding’ problems
  • Addressed a scenario causing a Long delay in adding a workspace search result to the matter worklist – Yes, I certainly saw this issue with earlier versions of FileSite 9.0.  It seemed especially sensitive to the presence of other Outlook add-ins that populated the navigation pane.

Please note: Desktop Update 5 is only compatible with Server and database schema 9.0 and later.  If you had deferred the full schema upgrade, this may spur you to take that additional step.
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Don’t have a Test Environment? Uncomfortable with automating a registry update or silent install?  Contact us and we can set you on the right path with just a couple hours of consulting.

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