WorkSite 8.5 icons – The Usual Suspects

WorkSite 8.5 icons – The Usual Suspects

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FileSite’s icons in release 8.5 are similar enough to their 8.2 appearance that you won’t be baffled. On the other hand, the images have details which are so very, very … tiny… it does not hurt to dissect them just briefly.

I have used essentially the standard names (with one bonus vowel for those who can afford it).

Don’t forget: because Outlook steadfastly sorts alpha-numerically, the names determine the display order.

Are you having a problem with plain white icons? Check out this article.

Here we go:

Icon is the which will hold
  Yellow folder container, minuscule red checkmark, white-with-grey rectangle at lower-right Checked-out Documents your checked-out documents
folder container, white-with-black rectangle at lower-right Document Worklist 42 of your most-recent docs from each database to which you have access
workspace-looking container, white-with-black rectangle at lower-right Matter Worklist a configurable number of your most-recently accessed matters, regardless of database
Folder-looking container, magnifying glass superimposed, and in the lower-left I think a tiny clock(?!) Recent Searches searches you’ve executed ‘recently’ – during this session certainly
Folder-looking container, blue star in bottom-center My Favourites workspaces, folders, documents, and categories. No tabs.
Filing cabinet with a person to the left My Matters Workspace shortcuts, categories, and subscribed My Matters of other people
Less-pretty folder container, gray-not-blue magnifying glass Search Folders absolutely nothing useful. This is here as part of FileSite’s status as an  Outlook integration. Ignore it.

10 thoughts on “WorkSite 8.5 icons – The Usual Suspects”

  • Is there a way to have the little triangle next to the folders blacked out when the folder contains a sub-folder? I tried the “show hidden tabs” but it doesn’t do anything, so I’m not sure this is what I’m looking for.

    • Hi Mary: Sadly, Outlook’s integration dictates FileSite’s ability to display that little triangle next to a folder. I’ve been told by iManage that this is the ‘best’ they can do… so the only way for a person to check for subfolders is to click that triangle.

      As you say, the ‘show hidden tabs’ action isn’t a way to expand subfolders. I think it is more relevant in a WorkSite web implementation: personally I have not found a use for hidden tabs in the many FileSite deployments Cersys has done.

  • ‘Filing status’ Option is not available in the Configure option inside Worksite tab?
    Can anyone tell me why is this so?
    Need urgent help?

  • Thanks! The next time I see that with a user, I’ll be sure to try that registry hack (and take a screenshot)

    • Thank you! I do mean a FileSite navigation folder. I have two folks who have on every folder, and even the top-level FileSite icon, a small yellow rectangle (like where the paper icon is on your pic). I’m curious if it means there is a problem with communicating with the database.

      • Have to say I’ve never encountered that exact behaviour. Are they using OffSite, or some unusual mixture of remote databases? With vanilla FileSite, the tree just collapses to the FileSite node if the connection to the server is unavailable. I’m sure you also would have mentioned if they could not see folder listings or open documents!

        Barring some deliberate product-based behavior, I wonder if it’s a display problem. You mention that the rectangles are yellow – could it be a generic Outlook folder somehow ‘under’ each FileSite icon? Outlook shows its default folder icons before it loads the FileSite custom ones, and if it cannot load FileSite’s, the yellow ones stay in place. What if you have both?

        Try this, :
        First-off, take a screen-capture of the problem display – because this is such an oddball.

        Close Outlook.

        In the registry editor, tell FileSite it needs to re-load those icons: set the following “IconFormInstalled” to 0.


        When you re-launch Outlook, there should be a ‘registering’ message.

  • Do you happen to know what a small orange/yellow rectangle next to the folder means? I assume it’s a “database” icon, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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