You bcc so can I see? FileSite’s email and bcc information

You bcc so can I see? FileSite’s email and bcc information

Ever seen an email in FileSite missing BCC recipients that you know you added? Conversely, you opened an email and were surprised to see BCC names when it’s not your email?

Because WorkSite stores the most common email data as a ‘field’ in addition to leaving it embedded in the message itself: dates sent and received, from, to, cc, and bcc. BCC is the topic of this post – the important aspect here is that FileSite treats those fields – including BCC – as no more secret than the other fields, such as client, from, received date.

What do you see in BCC

FileSite and Outlook will allow any user to see the BCC information on certain filed emails. For example, if you add the BCC column to your view or to the preview, you’ll probably see quite a few emails have something in BCC.

There are three scenarios that retain the BCC data visibly:

  • Emails that a user filed manually from the sent items will have the original BCC information visible to all
  • Emails filed by the WComm Server will have the folder address in the BCC field (assuming you’ve configured it like that) – but not the original sender’s BCC info
  • All sent emails when that client machine has FileBCC setting enabled.

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