What *is* CERSYS, anyhow

What *is* CERSYS, anyhow

Cersys? How do you pronounce that? ”SIR siss” How do you spell it? Carefully.

Professionally speaking, Cersys is an independent consultancy established by technology professionals, including senior consultant Sandy Milne. We provide tailored solutions and advisory services to professional service companies such as law and accounting.

Our corporate tag-line is:

Clarity. Experience. Results. CERSYS.

See that clever thing I do with our signature purple, there?  It highlights the first syllable as an acronym.

When we were incorporating our consulting company, we needed a name not already used in Canada. “Cersys” fit that description.

You’ll never guess, though, where the name came from. If you don’t care, either, then you can stop reading now.  If  you really have nothing better to do, then continue…