First Blogiversary – a year of Technology for Law

First Blogiversary – a year of Technology for Law

First Blogiversary – a year of Technology for Law

In celebration of the first anniversary of the launch of this blog I just have to share these strangest spam and click-through items of 2012.

While we’re at it, here’s a shout-out for Graeme’s technological evisceration of “The Dumbest Spam Ever“.

Earthing sheets – This first one makes the list, not just for the bizarre product, but also because ‘cheerful I discovered this’ 😉

#1 by earthing products on January 12, 2012 – 11:01 pm earthing sheets “Magnificent, what a pleasant learn! This forum is precisely what I was in search of, cheerful I discovered this! Will definitely be connecting this on my web page! earthing sheets”

Kitty with lightning – on January 16th. Definitely the strangest search term this year. In fact, there is a match in my blog – it leads you to the post 2011 Funniest Clicks-and-searches – the lightning shock zone and tufte kitten kill are both on that top-ten list.

Obsessed with vaults and safes, much?  By the middle of March 2012, a bank vault image is in the top-twenty articles of the week. I guess my SEO habits are too good, if people are coming here to click on just the picture. And no, that link does NOT take you to the picture any longer. Come here for the content, please!

Um, what? Then, there was this: “Discovered your site talking about new hunger games trailer last week though made a decision to not remark : never the less, I went to the park biking yesterday and got a cool innovative concept for my online store influenced by your things right here so would like to offer regards for the drive (link here for diet and psoriasis!)”

Hyperbole and a Half

Confusion inevitable for a Simple Blog

London gropes for meaning. This February 21st comment – possibly the first sign of attempted contact from an alien race – was added to On Errors and Redemption. After a word-salad it dissolves into a slurry of links to EU-based rank-boosting sites. I like how the suggestive verbs are peppered throughout the City biz-babble – just so that it matches more queries:

Welcome Object Agency, specializing Assignment Search, assetPursuit serviced nearly Mayfair. We manhandle Mayfair reaction behaviour serviced office.
Any surrounding London divagate is succour agencies for its just aboutbenefit expansion.
LocationsOnly tryst agencies rub locations be proper of types with regard toalmost London. These acquiring specialists for London with an increment of London unexcelled business.
Consultation plusadvice are above-board offered Slot London agencies are engaged an lease or purchase. Recognize or into agreements are watchfully vetted impediment owners stroke is affordable. Circa processes would repugnance handled elude hassles profit trouble.
London is unsurpassed favored cities hitherhold to or routine in. Apropos are extensively London heavens business. Hence, ground London offers on touching conglomerates trouble-free their involving their prevalent London.
The complete is answerable sourcing gap London offers drift would shine market; mewl London streak internationally thumb its around London.

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