WorkSite 8.5 and 9.0 – why upgrade? (video)

WorkSite 8.5 and 9.0 – why upgrade? (video)

WorkSite 8.5 and 9.0 – why upgrade? (video)

Now for something rather different – video blog via our partner ii3: why you should plan your upgrade to WorkSite 8.5 or WorkSite 9.0.

  • Yes – the full video is embedded after the jump.

    Verity (and Vivisimo) are reaching end-of-life as far as iManage is concerned. No support for some new acrobat formats.  The time has come to upgrade.

  • 8.5 requires a reinstall of your WorkSite server. What settings and db customizations do you have? Don’t lose an index!
  • 8.5 is a full reinstall of your FileSite client. Do you know what your settings are? Do you know why those were chosen? Have you been using FileSite ‘as installed’ – or do you have no way to know? A substantial number of settings have changed since 8.2 –  don’t lose your customizations, but don’t miss out on new features by hanging onto the old stuff.
  • As for 9.0 – do you need support for an encrypted File Server? Dealing with user desktops in multiple languages?

  • Activate the setting prevent flatspace! This setting is so very helpful in making user and administrator lives easier.
  • Take the opportunity to go matter-centric if you have not already. That’s a separate rant.
sigh. I was concerned that nodding or smiling the whole time would look strange… as a result I’m oddly motionless and mostly poker-faced while Shy talks. You can see my poker face is not very impassive though.

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  • I liked the content and was particularly interested in the database scheme change. We did change the database scheme with customizations and seem no where near getting IDOL indexing, so I am assuming 9.0 is far in the future for us.

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