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Lawyers and business plans | You need one – go get it

Unless you are already succeeding beyond your wildest dreams, your law firm should have a business plan. Complacency – or inertia – leads to “We want to make more money by doing more of what we’ve always done – somehow with the same people or reduced staff.”  The attitude carries through to the use of…

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Make content your competitive edge

Many potential clients are more cost-conscious than ever.  Solos and small firms can sharpen their competitive edge with document management solutions.  The right DMS will make it easier to capture, retrieve and re-use your documents and legal content. solos and small boutique firms to build successful practices based in the principles of cost-containment and project…

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What is SaaS and when do you want it? Summary Video

This post at LexisNexis contains a twenty minute video panel overview of SaaS – software-as-a-service.  This provides a basis for discussion of cloud-based applications and storage. Moderator Tom Mighell is joined by legal technology experts and nationally known legal blawgers Carolyn Elefant, Robert Ambrogi, and Andy Adkins. What every lawyer needs to know about SaaS…

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Mining for precedents with kiiac

Linguistic analysis, such as software from kiiac, can analyze a group of documents and report which clauses are used most commonly. Thus, to assemble a solid purchase agreement, an associate can build on the defacto standard clauses used at the firm.
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