News: DocAuto’s E-mail Management at ILTA

News: DocAuto’s E-mail Management at ILTA

DocAuto has announced some interesting enhancements at ILTA 2011: predictive filing for email that’s meant to eliminate most of user’s effort in filing, and a standalone PST processor to take care of filing content that was previously archived in PST files.

OutiM Predict™ is designed to provide users with “zero additional click” predictive filing capabilities for rapid association of e-mail content with specific clients and matters.

This product analyzes a users’ e-mail filing patterns and automatically predicts the most likely filing location within the content management system for the e-mail. As a user adds Recipient Addresses to a message or types the Subject line, OutiM Predict dynamically analyzes this information and serves up results on-the-fly for tagging the e-mail.

OutiM Predict integrates with DocAuto’s OutiM™ Server product to automatically process e-mails server-side to the correct destination, without human invention.


The DocAuto OutiM™ Server PST Processor is the powerful PST processor of the OutiM™ Server product family. This stand-alone product is solely dedicated to PST processing and is a great addition to OutiM selection of products.

This flexible product supports PST processing, and can automatically copy, move, or move and link any kind of Exchange content (messages, notes, tasks, contacts, calendar items, etc.) directly from one or more PST files into dynamically-identified WorkSpaces or Folders in WorkSite.

via E-mail Management | DocAuto.  Cersys can provide you with DocAuto-certified consulting services so that you can get the most out of your email management efforts. Contact us today to discuss.

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